We are a complete staging & stage hire company across all of Durham and have been since 1993.
About us, over the last 25 years we have been investing in our team and equipment and due to our investments, we can offer the following;

In-house bespoke full digital printing service offering our clients a 1 stop print shop for Events which includes, Event signs, Banners, Stickers, Crew & Staff T-shirts, clothing etc. & much more. See our web site for all examples - www.dheprinthouse.com

2018 Has seen our team jump straight back in to planning for another busy year.
2017 Saw a complete overhaul of our warehouse facilities and layout, with the addition of a modern canteen for our 20 full-time staff.
2016 Made way for the update of our LED screen stock to a new, higher resolution P3 screen from it P8 predecessor.
2015 Was the first steps in the DHE apprenticeship programs, ranging from live events technicians to fabrications and design specialists.
2014 LED light was at the forefront this year, with vast improvements in LED fixtures and the power saving capabilities meant large investments to our always expanding stock.
2013 7.5m x 7.5m & 10m x 10m Bandstand added to our stock offering a more traditional style and look for your event.
2012 We said goodbye to large analogue multicores updating all our sound console to full digital systems, saving set-up and de-rig time and allowing greater flexibility for all aspects of live sound.
2011 A massive improvement to textile fabrication with another in-house purchase of PVC & Plastic welder along with new eyelet presses meaning our team have more tools to supply better signage and bespoke pieces tailored to the event world.
2010 New moving heads and Avolites tiger touch 1 added to stock increasing our lighting capabilities.
2009 Two new large concert stage structures becoming available in DHE staging catalogue. Now allowing for larger roof loading and meaning more lighting fixtures for a better visual show.
2008 Yet another investment to our power department with the addition of 2 new 150kva event spec. generators, another 200m of heavy duty cable ramp, 1000m of power cable ready to be made in-house and new custom distribution boxes ready for custom racking in our metal workshop.
2007 Our wood workshop got new shelving and tooling, from wall saws and roof extraction to try and improve efficiency and to compete with the high demand of bespoke woodworking required from site needs to catwalk sets.
2006 Investment of more Lab Gruppen amplification, a new Concert Line array system the HK Audio Cohedra with complete stacking and flying gear, along with new independent PA tower structure, allowing for a flown array when load points or height are unavailable from elsewhere.
2005 Metal workshop got two new investments with a new Miller Mig to be homed alongside our Miller Tig welder and a new adjustable jig welding table, allowing the with new workshop to produce bespoke metal work quicker, easier and at better suited to event needs than ever before.
2004 Saw the introduction of the HK Audio Contour Series to our sound stock, providing Hi-fi quality sound that is both compact an available in a variety of configurations.
2003 After being frustrated with numerous generators, trailers and vans being painted in the wrong colours, we decided to create our own paint booth to ensure both our clients and ourselves always receive the colours and services expected.
2002 Saw more steps to DHE becoming more and more self-sufficient with the new vehicle workshop being built. Hiring a full-time mechanic to service and maintain all of our vans and trucks in-house and also the introduction of a new 24hr breakdown implemented across our fleet.
2001 Big investment in lighting with a stock of 500 generic lighting fixtures ranging from follow spots, par cans, source 4 and Fresnel’s.
2000 Due to some of our regular clients branching out in to fashion shows and exhibitions we made a big step up in both logistics and experienced crew to allow us to continue supplying the services for their catwalk requirements.
1999 After constant failure with power hire, DHE decided to remove the possibility for error and purchased our first event spec. generator, leading to the fleet we now own today.
1997 The first purchase of complete concert staging began our journey to providing the complete production service we now offer today.
1996 The beginning of investing in truss and decking allowing the roadshows to become bigger and better productions.
1995 Six full production roadshows implemented across East Anglia.
1993 We started as Dance High Entertainments providing roadshow events across Durham.

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